Gelato Flavors Ideal For The Holiday Season


When the holidays roll around, your restaurant has the chance to get creative with the way your serve foods and desserts. The addition of wholesale gelato not only gives you a healthier alternative to ice cream, but you can mix things up and offer specific flavors catered towards the holiday season. Learn about the flavors and how the special promotions can help increase your holiday dessert sales, especially when customers request batch orders of the product for holiday gatherings and parties.

23 October 2020

Using Up Your Wholesale Chimichurri Sauce


You ordered a large amount of chimichurri sauce, perhaps to make a specific recipe or dish. You enjoyed it, but now, you still have a ton leftover! Whatever should you do with all that extra chimichurri? Here are a few ideas. 1. Make a salad dressing. Chimichurri is a little thick and concentrated to use as a salad dressing on its own, but you can easily fix that. Drizzle an equal portion of olive oil into your chimichurri, and then toss that mixture with your salad.

20 July 2020

Cooking With Beef Tongue


Years ago, you couldn't even give away this now-specialty food item: beef tongue. Beef tongue comes from cows and is a fatty, firm, mild-tasting meat. It's more of a delicacy in the United States, but the rest of the world eats it regularly with gusto. You might have to special order it from your grocer. The average beef tongue weighs in at about three or four pounds. You might think twice about cooking one if you're a bit squeamish about visualizing a cow's tongue and wondering how to cook and eat it.

4 May 2020

Serving Russian Osetra Caviar Helps Honor An Award-Winning Artist


Special occasions are special because they are memorable. Often, the events become celebratory ones. When a spouse, son, or daughter, wins an award related to artistic achievement, throwing a celebratory lunch or dinner is a nice gesture. No matter the meal selection, the honored guest will likely appreciate your actions. That said, some food choices would be more appropriate than others. And then there are choices capable of driving a positive point home.

3 January 2020

5 Ways To Use Edible Orchids


There are many flowers, plants, and herbs that are edible, and many of these flowers and plants are unique and not commonly found in most dishes. They can offer a variety of health benefits and they taste good, too. If you've never tried edible orchids, you may want to give them a try. You can find them at specialty food stores online and in person. Here are some of the ways in which you can use edible orchids: 

21 October 2019

3 Helpful Startup Tips When Selling Taffy Commercially


Taffy is one of the more popular types of candy eaten by people worldwide. If you're looking to turn this delicious treat into a potential business, then remember these startup tips.  Master Your Flavors  It will be hard to have success selling taffy if you haven't mastered the various flavors that you plan on offering to the public. You should spend time getting these flavors perfect before focusing on anything else, in fact.

10 July 2019

3 Reasons Ice Cream Cart Catering Is An Awesome Wedding Reception Idea


Planning a wedding is tough. You have so many things to do, so much to consider, and only so much money to work with. On top of everything, you also have to make sure the food that you serve everyone is going to please the guests you have on your list. Most couples to be will plan for traditional catering and probably a gorgeous wedding cake, but there is something else that works well for a wedding reception: ice cream cart catering.

16 February 2019